Fall Winter 2016

Disconnected connections.
Giacomo Balla paintings reworked on canvas and printed.
Heritage Cowgirl details realized through elegant stitching and accessories.
A melting pot of knitting patterns on bomber jackets and coats, a nod to American college style, fusing Sportswear with extreme couture.
Gothic brocade meets a flash of palm trees on swinging skirts, where multiple pleats and
the lightness of chiffon play on contrasts.
The juxtaposition of varying lengths – short to ladylike.
Chiffon pressed ribbons are urban yet never romantic.
Taffetà linings used on liturgical clergy vests and gros-grain finishings become a way to recreate sportswear.
Needlepoint embroidery, inspired by Sicilian churches, give depth to sweatshirts and evening gowns. Fur patchwork coats recall marble floors and pony skin intarsia skirts have the appearance of Roman mosaics.
The palette is precious: ruby red, emerald green, sapphire blue and quartz pink.
Black and ivory.